Why we love to listen to our faithful customers

We love to talk to our customers about what they like to eat when they go out, and what kind of dishes they enjoy the most. When designing a new menu I always add on something that has been suggested to me by one of my most loyal customers. The venison pie on the new menu, for instance, was suggested to me by Mr Dickson who has been eating at Fostons for many years now and every single time he has had venison, whether it was venison loin with red wine and chocolate sauce, venison steak or just humble venison stew. We've very rarely seen him have anything other than venison. So when he suggested we add venison pie to the menu, we just couldn't refuse. It's also a great time for game as there is plenty of locally shot venison at the moment and it's provided to us by our local butchery.

So, next time you're visiting our venue please let us know what you'd like to see on our menus and we'll do our best to make it happen!

- Mikey, chef at Fostons Ash

Date published: 6 October 2014

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